Unique Handmade Jewelry Designs- Handcrafted Pendants in Dragonfly Pattern

Summary: This unique handmade jewelry designs tutorial will show you how to handcraft pendants in a dragonfly pattern. This skyblue dragonfly features bright summer colors.

Do you remember your summer vacations when you were just a carefree kid? Those were some of the greatest times in life! When I was a primary school student, I spent summer vacations at my grandma’s home. Many dragonflies liked to flip over ponds and rivers; with the reminiscence of past happy days, I handcrafted pendants in a dragonfly pattern in this unique handmade jewelry designs tutorial.

Materials and tools:

Yellow transparent acrylic bead drop shape

3.5mm blue abacus glass beads

8mm blue abacus glass beads

10cm blue abacus glass beads

0.5mm blue copper wire

1.5mm gold alum wire

Jump rings

Silvery chain

Round nose plier

Flat nose plier

Wire cutter


Step 1: prepare wings for dragonfly

1st, snip a piece of gold aluminum wire and loop the center position with round nose;

2nd, pull two ends as hard as you can to make the center loop as tiny as possible;

3rd, slide transparent yellow beads on both ends, pushing them against the loop;

4th, cut off extra length of wire and coil the ends.

Step 2: finish dragonfly pendant

1st, snip a piece of blue copper wire and thread it through a 4mm blue abacus bead;

2nd, squeeze the two ends together and slide four 6mm blue beads on;

3rd, add one dragonfly wing and respectively wrap copper wire back around center loop to balance the wing;

4th, slide a 6mm bead on and add a wing again in the same way above;

5th, slide the last 10mm bead and tie a granny knot atop to secure bead from moving;

6th, before coiling dragonfly’s antenna, cut off extra wires.

Step 3: attach chain to pendant

Snip a piece of chain and attach two ends to antenna with jump rings.

Tada, the unique handmade jewelry designs tutorial is done. This handcrafted pendant, I think, is more valuable than those for sale, because it is one of a kind, designed and made only by you. What a great way to cherish childhood memories!

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