Simple jewelry making beading- Bib necklace designs for women

Summary: Easy jewelry making beading tutorial about creating a sparkling beaded necklace design for women! Clear glass beads and electroplated gold acrylic beads make up this beautiful bib necklace.

Even if utilizing inexpensive materials and kits, a creative DIYer is still able to produce this spiffy necklace design for women; I made this jewelry making beading tutorial with lots of passion, and I believe this kind of jewelry is particularly suitable for kind and intelligent girls like Sophie in Howl’s moving castle : )

Materials and tools:

6mm clear glass beads AB color

6mm golden acrylic beads

0.3mm tiger tail wire

Yellow ribbon


Wire cutter


Step 1: make beaded bib pattern

1st, pick a piece of tiger tail wire, string 5 glass, 1 acrylic, and 5 glass beads in order; then cross ends through another acrylic bead, as shown the first right angle stitch loop is done;

2nd, repeat this stitch to finish the second loop; and turn right to make the third;

3rd, string onto upper end 11 beads as picture shows and back through the middle bead of second loop;

4th, continue sliding 2 glass beads on and back through the first acrylic bead in this loop;

5th, repeat to make another loop with the lower end;

6th, add 2 glass beads to both ends and cross through a new acrylic bead to finish the center loop;

7th, turn upward and continue with right angle stitches;

8th, tie double overhand knots at the last loop, tuck the ends and trim off the extra wire.

Step 2: tie ribbons to bib pendant

1st, snip 2 pieces of 30cm ribbon;

2nd, fold and attach them to the top part of the bib pendant

The finalized product will look like this:

Tada, this jewelry making beading tutorial is finished! More necklace designs for women can be easily discovered on our Learning Center board; and I really love the Sophie’s-like girls, kind, brave and of innate wisdom! I’m thinking I’d like to create a jewelry set about Howl’s. 

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