Funky jewelry ideas to make- handmade necklace in lariat pattern

Summary: Coming up with plenty of awesome jewelry ideas to make needs time and patience. So did this handmade necklace lariat pattern.

Lately, I have been obsessed with handmade necklace; ordinary necklaces, such as, beaded ones, chain linked ones, and even hemp braided ones, were all tried out and experienced; so I dug out some more funky jewelry ideas to make in etsy, pinterest and craftgawker. And this time, the showcased project idea is a very good one.

Materials and tools:

1.5mm black alum wire

16mm ivory glass pearl

Oval iron links

Silvery chain

Jump rings

Round nose plier

Flat nose plier

Wire cutter


Step 1: make wire wrapped pearl pendant

1st, cut a piece of aluminum wire, thread it through the pearl and bend the long end 180 degrees;

2nd, wrap the long end snugly around the pearl 3 times behind the short end;

3rd, make a loop with the short end and wrap the rest of the long end around the loop several times;

4th, cut off extra ends and tuck them with flat nose plier.

Step 2: connect links and attach pendant

1st, attach the oval links together with jump rings;

2nd, cut a length of silvery chain suitable for your neck size;

3rd, attach the oval links to one end of the chain;

4th, attach the pearl pendant to the other end of chain.

The final work is like this:

Tada, this tutorial of a handmade necklace in a lariat pattern is done! Easy and chic jewelry ideas to make can be found everywhere in e-magazine and in the online learning center. Hope someday you can share your good ideas with us!

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