Japanese 3-in-1 chain maille

Summary: Japanese 3-in-1 chain maille is a relatively easy technique. Just look at the pictures and you can probably figure out how to make it.

Here, we will explain the steps using pictures and explanations for your convenience. Hope you can try it out!


Step 1: Make chains

1st, make a simple chain, a pink jumpring connects to a bisque smaller jumpring. Continue connecting the jumprings in this fashion.

2nd, make a second shorter chain as shown below.

3rd, attach the new chain with a small jumpring on every other large jumprings.

4th, make a third chain that is two pink jumprings shorter than the second chain.


Step 2: Continue to attach new chains

1st, attach the newly-made chain to the second chain with a bisque jumpring to every other pink jump ring.

2nd, make a fourth chain, two pink jumprings shorter than the third.

3rd, attach the new chain with two bisque jumprings.

4th, slide 2 bisque jumprings to a pink one and place them as shown:

5th, add it to the last chain in the same manner.

6th, slide the bisque jumprings onto the two pink jumprings separately.


Step 3: Slide a pink jumprings through the two newly-added bisque jumprings


You have finished the Japanese 3-in-1 chain. Congratulations! 

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