Handmade beaded jewelry designs-simple pearl bracelet and ring set

Summary: In just a few minutes, transform lightweight acrylic imitation pearl beads into a chic and stylish bracelet and ring set. You’ll love this one-hour handmade beaded jewelry design!

Pearl jewelry has always been popular throughout sea-based cultures since ancient times. To play with the many moods of summer, I created this handmade beaded jewelry design using cost-effective acrylic pearl beads. I love the collection of soft colors and they are actually easy to put together. The resulting set is a super budget-friendly bracelet and ring set.

Supplies for the bracelet and ring set:

8mm Acrylic Imitation Pearl Bead

3mm Acrylic Imitation Pearl Bead

4mm Electroplate Glass Bead

Crimp Bead

Brass Interlocking Clasp

Brass Ring Shank

0.5mm Nylon Wire

Flat Nose Plier


Details on the handmade beaded jewelry designs:

Part 1: Bracelet Part

Step 1: attach a strand of nylon wire using crimp bead on the clasp;

Step 2: insert onto the wire your first color of pearls;

Step 3: when you reach the desired length, pass and wrap the wire around the last bead one more time to hold the beads in place;

Step 4: add the other pearl bead strands;

Step 5: braid the strands;

Step 6: unfasten the wrapped beads at ends of the stands and attach the wires to the clasp using crimp bead. Exit the wire end 1 or 2 beads away and then remove the excess wire;

Step 7: after finishing all these steps, you will get the twisted pearl bracelet.

Part 2: Ring

Step 1: hold the ring shank and attach a strand of nylon wire on it using a crimp bead;

Step 2: thread one 4mm Electroplate Glass Bead and pass it through the first hole in the 2nd row. Tie a half hitch knot to make the bead stay in place;

Step 3: add on the next 4mm Electroplate Glass Bead in the same way;

Step4: continue but replace the beads with 3mm pearl beads. Add and anchor them as before;

Step 5: add two 4mm Electroplate Glass Beads at the end.

Step 6: pass the wire end though adjacent beads and trim off excess parts.

Do you love this bracelet and ring set?

The above are all the ideas that you can create for the handmade beaded jewelry designs. If you love the fancy acrylic imitation of pearl beads in this bracelet and ring set, feel free to make one yourself! 

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