Handmade beaded bracelets out of affordable jewelry making materials

Summary: This post aims at demonstrating how you can make handmade beaded bracelets in a simple way while introducing some of inexpensive jewelry making materials into your crafts.

It’s easy to overspend when making your own jewelry ornaments, and it can be relatively hard to find the proper affordable jewelry making materials that reflect your individuality and taste. We suggest you try out economical acrylic beads. They are the combination of lightweight and vivid colors, and you can truly make beautiful creations with distinctive and satisfying qualities. 

Needed jewelry making materials:

10mm & 8mm Colorful Acrylic Bead

Toggle and T-bar Clasp

1mm Nylon Thread



Instructions on handmade beaded bracelets:

Step 1: Make the 1st beaded part

1. Cut a 100cm long nylon wire and fold in half;

2. Tie the thread to the loop of a toggle using the Larks Head Knot;

3. Insert one end of the wire through a bead, and the second end in the opposite direction;

4. Add one acrylic bead onto each cord end. Cross the two ends again through a new bead;

5. Keep adding beads and weaving like this until you have reached the desired length. All beads added in the pattern are random and irregular;

6. When two working ends exit at the last bead, tie an overhand knot to secure in place;

7. Slide on the matching T-bar of the toggle and affix by tying another knot. Pull the cords tautly;

8. After you have secured the bar firmly, trim off all leftover cord ends and melt them using a lighter.

Step 2: bead the 2nd part

1. Take another strand of string. Attach it to the toggle and add the 1st bead in same way;

2. Pass the below end through the adjacent bead in the first pattern. On the other end, string on another acrylic bead. Finally, cross the wire through another piece. Tighten the cord and this will be the basic beading method in the 2nd pattern;

3. Repeat the above step to the desired length;

4. Add on T-bar as before.

Step 3: wear your handmade beaded bracelets

Take the item and wear on your wrist as soon as possible. It’s so cute and I really love it!

There you go! You have completed the handmade beaded bracelets! Though the jewelry making materials are just common acrylic beads without a splendid gloss and a delicate cut, the final results are amazingly fabulous and amusing! Hope you will love it.

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