Japanese 12-in-2 chain maille-a flower shape chain maille

Summary: When this chain is finished, it has a beautiful flower-like shape. To make it, you will need two sizes of jumprings. You can make this chain into a bracelet as a child’s gift. They will love it! Let’s make one together.


Step 1: Make the chain center

1st, slide 12 small silver jumprings onto 2 large purple ones. 

2nd, divide the silver jumprings into 6 pairs. This is your center set of jumprings.

3rd, add 4 silver jumprings to a second purple one.

4th, insert two of the silver jumprings from the 12 on the first set of purple jumprings through a second set of 2 purple jumprings.


Step 2: Make the flower-like shape

1st, divide the four silver jumprings into 2 pairs.

2nd, insert two new purple jumprings through one pair of the silver jumprings that is connected to the purple pair from the last step. Also pass your two new purple jumprings through two silver jumprings attached to the purple center jumprings.

3rd, slide two silver jumprings to the newly-added purple jumpring.

4th, repeat the second step of the step 2.


Step 3: Continue repeating the 2nd step of Step 2 three times


Step 4: Connect the two remaining silver jumprings to the two newly-added purple jumprings


Done! It makes beautiful flower. You can make more of these flowers and connect them together to make a nice bracelet or necklace.

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