Helm weave chain maille- easy to make

Summary: To make a helm weaved chain you will need two sizes of jumprings. It is also one of the easiest chain maille techniques to make. This technique can be applied to various projects. The finished chain can be a bracelet or a part of jewelry.


Step 1: Slide 4 silver jumprings onto a large purple one.

Step 2: Divide them into pairs.

Step 3: Slide a large purple jumpring between the two previous large purple rings and bring it around so that the two small jumprings lay in the middle of the new large jumpring.

Step 4: Insert a large purple jumpring through the two small silver ones encircled by the previous purple jumpring.

Step 5: Add a second large jumpring in front of the single large jumpring.

Step 6: Add two small jumprings to the two previous purple ones.

Step 7: Repeat above steps until you get the desired length.

And you get the helm weave chain. It is a very simple technique with a beautiful outcome.

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