Handcrafted wire jewelry with unique necklace pendants

Summary: This handcrafted wire jewelry necklace is an entirely handmade piece. By using some common wires and beads, you can make a variety of unique necklace pendants with basic wire wrapping techniques.

Learning to make handcrafted wire jewelry accessories may satisfy most fashionistas and the frugal crafters as well. And as handmade jewelry is often highly sought after for its artistic appeal, versatile craft wire always makes a big difference when producing attractive and personalized items. And so take your supplies and follow these instructions to make your own  unique necklace pendants.    

Materials needed to make the handcrafted wire jewelry:

1.5mm Aluminum Wire

0.5mm Brass Wire

10mm Faceted-round Glass Bead

6mm Abacus Glass Bead

Tibetan Bead

Snowflake Spacer Bead



Side Cutting Plier

Flat Nose Plier

Round Nose Plier

How to make unique necklace pendants:

Step 1: preparations for the necessary components

1. Make the dangles for the pendant. String the proper beads and spacer onto the headpins. Create a loop on the end of the headpins and wrap the leftover wire around itself. You will need 5 pieces:

Dangle 1 (x2): 1 Headpin, 1 6mm Bead and 1 Snowflake Spacer Bead

Dangle 2 (x2): 1 Headpin, 1 6mm Bead, and 1 10mm Bead

Dangle 3: 1 Headpin, 2 6mm Bead,1 10mm Bead and 2 Snowflake Spacer Bead

2. Make the beaded connectors for the chain. Take the 0.5mm brass wire and string the following beads: 1 x 6mm Bead, 1 x Snowflake Spacer Bead, 1 x 10mm Bead, 1 x Snowflake Spacer Bead, 1x 6mm Bead. Next, make the wire wrapped loops on both ends. The amount of connectors needed depends on your desired length of chain.

3. Wrap several S-spiral components. Cut 10cm long of aluminum wire and curve two ends inwards in opposite direction.

Step 2: make the unique necklace pendants

Take another segment of aluminum wire, about 20cm long. Curve one end inwards several times. Thread on the beaded danglers and Tibetan bead alternatively. Finally, make a spiral at the other end of the wire. 

Step 3: design your necklace chain

Assemble the beaded connectors and S-spiral components alternatively using jumprings.

Once the chain reaches to a desires length, you’ll have finished your handcrafted wire jewelry necklace.

This is merely one example among the numerous handcrafted wire jewelry pieces that you can make. Thanks to the inexpensive price and all sorts of materials and sizes, you can use wires while making unique necklace pendants to expand your own collections and wardrobe. We hope you love this design!

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