Full Persian chain maille- excellent decoration for bracelet making

Summary: The finished chain is very slinky. We made it just with jumprings. This technique is a beautiful and inexpensive way to make chain maille. At first glance, it can seem confusing how to make this kind of chain. Be reassured, if you follow our steps to create it, it will be e


Step 1: Make the first part

1st, slide four silver jumprings onto a purple one.

2nd, divide the jumprings into pairs.

3rd, push the right silver jumprings toward the left two jumprings.

4th, insert two blue jumprings through the hole created by the overlapping pairs of jumprings.

Step 2: Make the other parts of the chain

1st, part the last two silver jumprings and insert two silver jumprings through the purple and blue jumprings.

2nd, insert two purple jumprings onto the silver ones.

3rd, then add two silver jumprings onto the purple ones.

4th, repeat the 3rd and 4th steps of the Step 1. 

Step 3: Done!

This technique is a little complicated than your conventional chain maille. The more you practice the more you will master this technique. Hope you can apply it in your accessory making.

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