European 4-in-1 chain maille-making wonderful bracelet

Summary: This chain is perfect for making a pretty bracelet, once you have figured out this fun technique. Like the name, 4-in-1 chain maille is assembled with one jumpring as the center to four other jumprings.


Step 1: Make the first column of European 4-in-1 chain maille

1st, add 4 silver jumprings onto a blue one.

2nd, separate the four silver jumprings so that each is in a different corner.

3rd, insert a blue jumpring through the two top silver jumprings.

4th, add two silver jumprings onto the newly-added blue one.

5th, arrange the two silver jumprings to the sides into the same position as the previous silver jumprings.

6th, repeat above steps until the chain maille reaches the desired length.

Step 2: Make another column

1st, add a blue jumpring through the first and second jumprings along the side of the first unit.

2nd, add two silver jumprings onto the newly-added blue one and insert another blue jumpring through the top right jumpring of the previous unit. Continue clockwise through the bottom left jumpring of the next unit.

Step 3: repeat the 1st and 2nd steps of Step 2 until you reach the other end of the chain maille

You will get the European 4-in-1 chain maille. It is great for making bracelets and for decorating your crafts.

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