Byzantine chain maille- how to make a byzantine chain

Summary: The Byzantine technique is an excellent example of how to integrate chain maille in jewelry designs. The chain made using this technique is intricate and beautiful. You will get a sense of accomplishment after you finish making one of these chains. And the chain is very useful. You can use in various ways. Next, let’s learn how to make one together.


Step 1: Prepare the jump rings in three different colors

Step 2: Make the first part of the byzantine chain maille

1st, slide two silver jumprings, two purple jumprings onto a bisque one.

2nd, add a second bisquer jumpring through the four jumprings and divide them into pairs.

3rd, separate the two purple jumprings towards two sides.

4th, push the two bisque jumprings apart and grasp the two purple jumprings together.

Step 2: Make another part of the byzantine chain maille

1st, add two silver jumprings to the two purple ones.

2nd, add two other purple jumprings and then add two bisque jumprings to them.

3rd, repeat the 3rd and 4th steps of Step 1. 

Step 3: Repeat step 1 and step 2 until you get the desired length

Done! You have made a very beautiful and amazing handmade chain. Hope you can master the byzantine chain maille technique.

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