DIY baby accessories- a handmade string chain for a gold necklace pendant

Summary: This post is going to show you how to make a one-of-a-kind symbolic DIY baby accessory, that is handmade into a red string chain to hang on a precious gold necklace pendant. This tutorial is easy-to-follow for all moms.

Each mom must have gotten various gifts for their beloved angels and there is no exception for me. However, not all types of jewelry can be worn on little babies, such as the plastic or iron ones. Hence, I made this DIY baby accessory using a medium-sized gold necklace pendant and several inches of red string. And there is no doubt that these two elements match each other perfectly and fabulously, I promise.

Supplies needed to make the DIY baby accessory:

0.1mm Sewing Thread

2mm Nylon Thread

Gold Necklace Pendant



Instructions for the DIY baby accessories:

Step 1: Take a 100cm long segment of the 2mm nylon thread. Find the central location and hold the two ends with fingers. Twist two ends towards the left to wring into a strand.

Step 2: When the twisted part reaches to 2/5th of entire necklace, clamp the end using a clip. Next, take another strand of 0.1mm sewing thread to create the second part of the baby necklace. 

Tie the thread around the two ends securely. Start by making common half hitch knots, for a length of about 2cm. While knotting, cover the leftover thread end. 

Finally, tie up the tail firmly and you have finished the second part of this necklace.

Step 3: Hold the two working ends in one hand and then make 5 traditional Chinese Snake Knots.

Step 4: Slide on the gold necklace pendant.

Step 5: Repeat the same process backwards for the other side of the necklace. Start by making the Snake Knots, continue with the half hitch knots and end with the twisting.

Step 6: To make a natural closure for the gold necklace, you can choose to tie a classic Chinese button-knot at the end. Tighten the two ends gradually and firmly. 

Trim off any excess and secure by melting the end using a lighter. 

Step 7: To finish, insert the button knot into the loop to close it off. 

Doesn’t this make a pretty combination? Additionally, all the knot tying techniques used are elaborately presented under the category BEADING TECHNIQUES in our learning center, including clear photographs and detailed word explanations. Hope you will love my gold necklace and that you try it out! 

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