Simple beaded jewelry design-make adorable handmade earrings within 10 minutes

Summary: Today, we want to share with you this super easy beaded jewelry design for all levels of jewelry makers. All supplies used to make these handmade earrings are budget-friendly and available at any major craft store or supermarket. So come on and take a look at what we have in store for you!

Brighten up you boring beaded jewelry with cool metal wire spirals. This pair of handmade earrings simply consists of one pearl bead, one rhombus lampwork bead, a well-prepared earring hook and a few inches of silver brass wire. All the supplies needed to make this beaded jewelry design are available in any craft store. 

Materials needed to make these handmade earrings:

Pearl Beads (Acrylic imitation)

Lampwork Beads

Earring Hook

0.5mm Brass Wire

Flat Nose Plier

Side Cutting Plier

How to start this beaded jewelry design?

Step 1: Cut a piece of wire long enough for the project and pass it through the loop of the earring hook. Create a wrapped loop with the wire.

Step 2: Slide on the pearl bead and make another wire wrapped loop. 

Step 3: Cut off excess wire and make the 3rd wrapped loop as picture show.

Step 4: Thread on the rhombus lampwork bead and bend the wire tail upwards;

Using flat nose pliers, curve the wire into a spiral.

Flatten the spiral against the glass bead and your first handmade earring is done!

Step 5: Repeat the steps above to complete the pair. 

It’s so easy, right? The only techniques we used to make this beaded jewelry design are wire the wire wrapped loops and the wire spirals. You can re use these techniques to make all sorts of pretty, creative and outstanding handmade earrings, bracelets and necklaces as well. We hope you love it!

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