Handmade Wire Jewelry-necklace Chains for Women Using Basic Coiling Techniques

Summary: Create this handmade wire jewelry using versatile coiling and twisting techniques. Each bead included in this chain necklace for women is unique and actually outstanding. You deserve it!

Creating your own handmade wire jewelry is an art form that anyone can easily learn. By practicing these basic coiling techniques over and over again, you will be able anything out of wire quickly. In this tutorial, we will show you how to make a chain necklace for women that consist of wire coiled beads. We hope you love it.

Things you’ll need to make this handmade wire jewelry:

0.5mm Brass Wire

1.0mm Aluminum Wire

Bead Reamer

Flat Nose Plier

Side Cutting Plier

Round Nose Plier

Instructions for making this handmade chain necklace for woman:

Step 1: How to make basic coiled beads

1. Cut a strand of thick aluminum wire and create a loop at one end. This will help to coil and twist the bead;

2. Wrap the wire around the loop to anchor it;

3. Start to coil the wire by rotating the loop. You can pass the metal tip of the bead reamer through the loops so that you can coil more neatly and speedily if necessary;

4. Make the coiled wire to your desired length. In this case, we made them about 10cm;

5. Cut both ends of the wire so that you can slide off the coils from the aluminum wire.  You have your first of several coils!


6. Take a strand of 0.5mm black brass wire, fix one end onto the loop as previously and wrap several coils around  the aluminum wire;

7. Next, insert the black wire into the red coils;

8. Continue coiling the black wire around the aluminum wire until the red coils have coiled over the aluminum as well;

9. Coil the black wire tail a few times after the bead is finished;

10. Cut the excess wire at both ends. Slide the newly formed coil off from the aluminum wire. You should get something similar as pictured below;

11. Thread the coiled bead onto an eyepin and then loop the other end of pin. This is a completed coiled bead for the chain necklace for women.

12. Repeat the above processes making 6 different colored pairs of coiled beads. 

Step 2: Make the handmade s-hook connectors

To make this handmade wire jewelry necklace, you will need to make 4 connectors.

Using round nose pliers, create a loop on both ends of a small piece of aluminum wire. Make sure that one loop is upward, and one loop is created downwards.  Use a round object, such as an awl, or the handle of your pliers to shape the S hook.

Step 3: Assemble the necklace chain

Hook the coiled bead and decorative s-hook one after one according to which ever pattern you prefer. 

Finally, flatten any sharp tips with flat nose plier.


You’ve now completed the coiled chain necklace for women. How do you feel about it? Additionally, the process for making coiled wire beads is really fun.  Once you have made one, the others are easy to make! This handmade wire jewelry style is fabulous and we have learned so much from it.  We hope you do the same!

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