Handmade Earrings Designs- Make a Pair of Wire and Bead Earrings with Tree-figure

Summary: This handmade earrings design is a cinch to make. While practicing this pair of jewelry making earrings, you will need only a few inches of aluminum wire, two beads and less than 10 minutes!

Try this handmade earrings design. It is recommended for both experienced as well as novice crafters. This project will make a beautiful pair of earrings that can go with any new outfit. Furthermore, making your own jewellery, such as earrings can be more affordable to make compared with other inspiration projects. In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a simple zigzag pattern that can be used in many of your own designs!

Supplies needed for jewelry making earrings:

1mm Aluminum Wire

Round Rhinestone Bead


Earring Hook

Side Cutting Plier

Round Nose Plier

Instruction for this handmade earrings design:

Step 1: Hold your wire and slide one rhinestone bead on the end.

Rotate the wire around the bead to create a half circle. Make sure that the bead is secure and will not fall down.

Step 2: Create the zigzag pattern using a pair of round nose pliers. Each consecutive zigzag should decrease in size. 

Step 3: Keep a length of 1cm long at end of the wire and cut off the excess. You can also adjust the space between each layer if you feel that your design is not straight enough.

Step 4: Make a loop with 1cm leftover wire.

Step 5: Hook on the ear wire through the loop you just made.

Step 6: Repeat steps 1-5 to complete the pair!

You’ve finished making your handmade earrings design. Did you notice how easy and fast it was to make this project? Once you know how to make these jewelry making earrings, you can wear them, gift them or sell them!

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