How to make a friendship bracelet with beads

Summary: Ideas on how to make a friendship bracelet with beads; as same as the trendy Shamballa bracelet, you can make these fabulous friendship bracelet more distinctive simply by adding some beads in.

For young girls, no matter in fashion or casual style, the friendship bracelet is very symbolic to them. That is mainly because that no one can live alone without friends. Thus, there came out the friendship bracelet. Furthermore, sometimes it is nice to try adding some beads to a bracelet to make it more personalized and can merely belong to you. Therefore, try this how to make a friendship bracelet with beads now.

Materials you may need for this friendship bracelet:

1mm Nylon Thread

8mm Gemstone Bead


How to make a friendship bracelet with beads?

Step1: thread preparation

Snip six 50cm long Nylon Thread strands from the coil; tie a knot at the location beside 10cm long from beginning thread tips. 

Tips: when prepare the basic thread strands for a friendship bracelet, the thread ① and ⑥,  as the main working ends, should be twice longer than the rest four threads.

Step2: add on the first bead for your friendship bracelet

Take the thread ③ and ④, regard them as the first holding thread and string one 8mm Gemstone Bead on;

Secondly, pick up the thread ⑥ to make the basic larks head knots with thread ⑤ four times as the picture show;

At last, repeat the same processes with thread ① and ②. 

Step3: change the two main holding threads and add on the second Gemstone bead

Firstly, pick out the thread ② and ⑤ and string one 8mm Gemstone Bead according to the diagram;

Secondly, place the new holding threads over previous group and separate them left and right;

Thirdly, repeat making four of the basic larks head knots;

Finally, repeat the step1 and step2 for more knots and beads groups to complete the friendship bracelet.

Step4: make the closure portion of friendship bracelet

Firstly, when the bracelet reaches the ideal length, finish the ending portion by making square knots with two outside thread ends;

Then, place the two tips of bracelet cross on a desk and then take an extra strand of Nylon thread to tie more square knots. 

Since finish the square knots, you have completed the whole steps for a custom friendship bracelet! Additionally, in order to avoid the square knot from dispersing, fire the thread ends with lighter slightly. By the way, if you love my creativity in today’s how to make a friendship bracelet with beads project, stay tune and focus on more updates in our pandahall! 

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