Jewelry Designs Ideas - Handcrafted Earrings with Jade Drop

Summary: In two steps, we will show you how to create a pair of handcrafted earrings! This is a great tutorial from hundreds of jewelry designs ideas we have seen.

Our jewelry designs ideas are mostly inspired from fashionable projects on picture sites and jewelry magazines. However, great ideas also come from everyday folks. This idea comes from ordinary DIY fans, which have amazingly awesome ideas, such as this one: handcrafted earrings with jade drop.

  Materials and tools for this handcrafted earrings:

1.5mm silvery aluminum wire

0.3mm silvery copper wire

Natural white jade bead 

Earring hooks

Flat nose plier

Round nose plier

Wire cutter


Step 1: Make the dangle

1st, snip a piece of aluminum wire and wrap a loop at its center;

2nd, coil the wire to the right to form a lollipop pattern;

3rd, symmetrically bend the left wire;

4th, wrap a large on top of the lollipop design making sure that the loop is over the middle and not closed.

5th, cut a piece of copper wire and wrap the left arm to lollipop pattern with several coils around it;

6th, finish the wrapping and cut off excess wire.

Step 2: Finish the earring

1st, snip another longer piece of copper wire and thread it through a drop shaped jade bead;

2nd, wire wrap the top of the bead covering the wire part;

3rd, attach ear hook to the top of the dangle.

The final project looks like the pair below:

Tada! You have successfully handcrafted these earrings with jade drops. This kind of jewelry design idea is well suited for going-away presents. Offer a nice parting present to your girlfriends!

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