Chocolate Color Handcrafted Jewelry- DIY Statement Necklace Tutorial

Summary: This tutorial is going to demonstrate to you a unique idea of how to make a colored handcrafted jewelry, which is so popular right now. You will learn how to make a collar-pattern handcrafted necklace made of chocolate colored chains.

Removable collars are an increasing trend when it comes to fashionable dressing. These collars have turned into a special trend of color crafted jewelry, that is, collar necklaces. In order to keep up with the pace of young fashion, we present this handcrafted necklace project for you.

Materials and tools:

Chocolate colored chain

1.5mm black alum wire

Measuring tape

Round nose plier

Flat nose plier

Wire cutter

Awl (optional)


Step 1: Prepare the chains and rings

1st , with measuring tape, measure the lengths of chains for the different parts of the necklace;

2nd, snip 5 pairs of chains, from top to bottom; 

3rd, with round nose pliers make two loops around the nose and snip with cutters to create small jump rings. Do the same using an awl to make a big ring.

Step 2: Make the collar pattern

1st, put aside the longest pair of chains;

2nd, arrange the chains in an increasing order by length as seen in picture below;

3rd, use the small jump rings to hold outer ends of the chains together and the big jump ring to collect inner the ends.

Step 3: Finish the collar necklace

1st, snip a wire and make or use a ‘S’ hook as a clasp;

2nd, attach longer pair of chains that you set aside earlier to the collar pattern and add the clasp.

The final project looks like this:

Tada! Your collar-pattern handcrafted necklace is finished! We are really fond of this kind of chained collar style; especially the chocolate color craft jewelry idea. If you have more amazing chain collar designs, please share with us!

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