How to make a cross necklace using the pearl beads and wire only

Summary: Today’s tutorial is mainly to teach a way to make a cross necklace out of round pearl beads and tiger tail wire. By learning how to make a cross necklace, you will produce a lovely Easter gift for your kids then.

Generally, people believe that when Jesus was crucified, he was nailed to the cross. From then on, the crosses become one necessary to those who belief in Christ. And as same as another type religious jewelry ornament-the rosary jewelry, such kind cross necklace need not to be in the fashion or over-decorated. Read this article, you will have a common way on how to make a cross necklace easily for the special occasions.

Materials need in a cross necklace:

3mm pearlized Acrylic bead

Acrylic Rhinestone Beads

Tiger tail wire



How to make a cross necklace?

Step1: make out the frame for cross necklace

As the diagram shows, the cross is mainly made of linked loops out of four 3mm pearl beads. Pay attention to the number of loops in each side.

Step2: shape the cross necklace

In accordance with the diagram shows, supply one 3mm pearl bead between each two on both inner side and outside.

In the next, find out the four points marked with alphabet A,B,C and D in the diagram, assemble these four beads with another wire strand and a piece of Rhinestone bead.

Step3: add on the chain for necklace

Firstly, snipe two strands of tiger tail wire suitable for your neck size;

Next, fix the wires onto clasp;

Finally, stringing more pearl beads for two chain portions of the cross necklace. 

Since you have finished all the above steps, adjust the beads and wire in line and you can wear the cross necklace now. Otherwise, you can also try other tutorials on how to make a cross necklace out of cords only. By the way, the insignificant jewelry accessory is really a smart way to express your personal beliefs, faiths and thoughts.

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