Chainmail necklace styles - unique handcrafted jewelry with jump rings and pearls

Summary: This tutorial will show you how to make different styles of chainmail necklace and show you how to finish this kind of unique handcrafted jewelry with jump rings and pink pearls.

The different styles of chainmail necklaces have spread through the world and have been popular for a long while; some of you may love in this kind of jewelry design, but struggle with the complicated and confusing patterns.  In this tutorial, we undertake a short and simple design that will show you how to create and finish off this unique handcrafted jewelry design.

Materials and tools: 

12mm pink glass pearls

10mm iron jump rings

4mm iron jump rings

0.5mm black copper wire

Chocolate colored chain

Round nose plier 

Flat nose plier

Wire cutter


Step 1: Make the chainmail cage for the pendant

1st, snip 2 pieces of black wire and twirl them into one strand ;

2nd, thread the strand through a pink pearl and make a wrapped loop ;

3rd, make a 5-in-one chain mail ;

4th, put the bead-with-wire in the bead cage and close it with an additional jumpring;

5th, continue constructing the chainmail cage by locking adjoining jump rings with a new jump ring as you construct the cage upwards;

6th, make a total of 3 rows of interlocking jump rings, with another 2 pearls in the cage;

7th, slide the last big jump ring onto wire and use 4 pairs of small jump rings to solidify the cage;

8th, make another wrapped loop and cut excess wire.

Step 2: Finish the pendant necklace

Snip a piece of iron chain to the desired length of the necklace and attach the pendant to the chain using a small jumpring.

The finalized product looks like this:

Tada! This tutorial for uniquely handcrafted jewelry is over! We guarantee that lots of people will love this chainmail necklace style. Especially, when they find out that you can handmade this design!  They will fall in love with your crafts and designs.

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