Handmade jewelry ideas-hemp bracelet patterns for men

Summary: Here is a really great handmade jewelry idea on how to design fabulous hemp bracelet patterns for men. Just take a few minutes and string the necessary beads in a strand, you’re done!

Looking for something that may be inexpensive and easy to work with? Hemp jewelry should be at the top of your list, especially for beginners. In this handmade jewelry idea, no other intricate knotting techniques or assistive tools are needed apart from the beads and twine of your choice. And in my project of a hemp bracelet patterns for men, I mainly made use of cool metal beads. You’ll love it!

Materials for hemp bracelet patterns for men:

Hemp (or other thick twine)

Metal Alloy Bead

Tibetan Style Bead

Brass Tube Bead

Crimp Bead Cover




Flat Nose Plier

Instructions for this handmade jewelry idea:

Step 1: Make the basic beaded strand.

1. Cut a string segment, about 3cm longer than the wrist circumference;

2. Tie an overhand knot at one end;

3. Make a loop that allows the jumpring to pass through snugly. Cover the knot with one crimp bead cover. Squeeze to close it off.

4. Add beads to the first strand. With brass tube bead, you may need two extra crimp bead cover to secure it in place;

5. Finish the other end as you did in the beginning;

6. Make another three strands of different beads collections.

Step 2: Assemble all elements together

Open a jumpring and string on all four strands. 

Then close the jumpring with pliers.

Do repeat the same process at other end.

Finally, add on the clasp.

So, here it is!

Once you master the basics, you can have so much more fun and amusement when working with strings and twines. Also, since you’re working on a hemp bracelet pattern for men, select components that are somewhat thick and durable. Hope this tutorial has inspired you to create new handmade jewelry ideas!

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