Seed beading instructions- simple square beaded ring

Summary: Today I am going to show you the seed beading instructions; unlike many complicated seed beading tutorial, this one is easy-to-learn and readable without tedious explanations.

The flamboyant flowery ring, though has beautiful appearance, is always time-consuming and requires a lot of patience and beading skills; for some jewelry making novices, it is an overwhelming test, where they are unable to harvest confidence and success at last; so I present the seed beading instructions of square beaded ring, as such kind of ring is in simple pattern and cool style, which is most popular among young people.

Things you need for this square beaded ring:

3mm glass seed beads in purple color

4mm glass pearl beads in beige color

0.30 mm tiger tail wire

Wire cutter

Seed beading instructions are as below:

Step 1: make the center part of beaded ring

First, snip a piece of wire long enough for the seed beading instructions; and then slide 2 purple seed beads onto wire’s center;

Second, cross both ends through a row of 3 seed beads, tighten the wire and continue crossing through the next row the beads of which will grow one; do not stop until you finish the 5th row.

Third, in 6th row, the middle seed bead is replaced by a beige pearl bead, and in 7th row, 2 pearl beads are in place of two seed beads adjoining to sides; repeat the 6th row to finish the 8th row;

Fourth, cross through bead rows in decreasing order, that is, the next row is always 1 bead less than the previous row; till the beads decrease to 2, the center part of beaded ring is done.

Step 2: complete the base part of beaded ring

Keep on crossing both ends of wire through 2 seed beads; and when the length is proper for wearing, you can stop this step;

Step3: end the seed beading instructions

Tighten the ends and trim off the excess wire;


So, your beaded ring is done successfully, and our seed beading instructions are finished meanwhile. Compared with the rings showcased in jewelry store, our beaded ring looks a bit lack of delicacy and luxury, but possesses unique temperament, and demonstrate a kind of strong creativeness and distinguished statement.

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