DIY art crafts-extraordinary leaf-shape wire bracelet ideas

Summary: Today’s DIY art crafts will show you this amazing wire bracelet idea. The more you practice making wire wrapped bracelets, the more your skills will improve.

Beaded pattern bracelets seem to be one of the most popular forms of jewelry making, especially for beginners. However, for those who aren’t interested in figuring out how to do complicated beadwork, you might find beaded patterns daunting! If this is you, then you will love this DIY art crafts showcased in this tutorial. It’s all about wire bracelet ideas that you can easily make yourself with just some primary techniques. 

Supplies needed in wire bracelet ideas:

1.5mm Aluminum Wire

0.5mm Brass Wire

4mm Cat Eye Bead

Bead Reamer

Side Cutting Plier

Instructions on the diy art crafts:

Step 1: Preparing the bracelet base.

1. Snip three segments of 1.5mm aluminum wire, the length are 22cm, 22cm and 18cm, respectively. Create a loop at one end with round nose plier or the bead reamer;

2. Take the 18cm length of wire and the 0.5mm brass wire.  Coil the brass wire around the first piece firmly;

3. Each time wrapping about 6~8 turns, add on one 4mm cat eye bead for embellishment;

4. Repeat the same processes to the end. Secure the brass wire with several coild and then snip off any excess.  Create a loop at the other end of aluminum wire.

5. Still using the thin brass wire, wrap the entire length of the aluminum wire leaving enough wire at the end to create a loop. Create loop. Repeat with second wire.

Once you have finished making all three pieces, you have the the three fundamental components to create your bracelet base.

Step 2: Shape the coiled wires.

1. Pick up the two longer strips without beads and determine the area where you want to create the shape of the leaf;

2. Shape the part along a round object. Then, you will get the components like the picture below shows.

Step 3: Assemble the three separate parts together

1. Lay the three parts on a flat surface as picture shows;

2. Using 20cm long of brass wire, start binding the three pieces into one and secure the wire;

3. Get another fairly long piece of brass wire, thread one end under the central wire and then exit upwards. Cross the two ends tightly to fasten in place;

4. Pass the two ends through the beginning locations from front to back;

5. Then pull the two ends upwards and cross tightly as before;

6. Thread the two ends again to the back side, and steps 3 through 6 for the rest of the leaf.

7. After you are done, tie up the straight segment with the remaining wire. 

Step 4: Make the closure

1. Once you have finished the steps above, you’ve done most of the steps for this wire bracelet idea. Curve the end tips of wires on opposite sides; 

2. Shape your bracelet;

3. Make a handmade S-hook finding with the aluminum wire and a reamer;

4. Attach the clasp to the loops on the central wire, and congratulations! You are finished!

All wire wrapped techniques utilized in this wire bracelet idea are repeated and the finished item is really amazing and breath-taking. Just go and collect more diy art crafts for practicing at home. That may be a great way to reuse old things and save your money.

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