Cute handmade jewelry- pearl necklaces with an adorable acrylic flower

Summary: Do this delicate pearl necklaces yourself to get that great colorful summer look. This cute handmade jewelry design uses only 8 pearl beads, a strand of chain and a colorful flower acrylic bead. It’s super easy and you will love the finished design so much!

Buying finished jewelry from stores and online can be easy and convenient, however if you wish to highly customize your jewelry, making this cute handmade jewelry accessory may be a better choice. Fortunately for you, with the appearance of beads and charms suppliers, DIY personalized jewelry is no longer a problem. In the following tutorial, I will show you how to create an adorable pearl necklace within 10 minutes or less.

Supplies needed in pearl necklace:

Colorful Acrylic Bead

10 Acrylic Bead-imitation



Side Cutting Plier

Flat Nose Plier

Round Nose Plier

How to start the cute handmade jewelry?

Step 1: Make the basic components

Slide on the pearl beads and acrylic flower onto 9 eyepins respectively. Then create a loop on the open end and trim off excess.

Step2: Make the beaded chain.

Hook the pearl pieces one after one to create a pearl strand. You do not need to close the loops right now.

Step3: Adorn with the chain

1. Take a long piece of chain, and attach the first link of the chain onto the first loop at beginning of the strand. Close the loop with pliers.

2. Keep a segment of the chain dangling under the pearl bead and then hook the chain link onto the loop on the adjacent bead.

3. Repeat the process until all 8 pearl beads have half loops under them with them chain.

4. Add the acrylic flower to the end of chain. Finally, connect the flower with first pearl bead.

You are done!

To make your own cute handmade jewelry, you can try out combinations from items you’ve collected to create an original design. I personally love acrylic beads, especially the imitation glass in my pearl necklaces. They are economical in price, glossy and lightweight. These are some of the few advantages of acrylic beads over most other beads. So ignore the conventional rules and use your imagination. The results may be plenty of unexpected surprises.

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