Twisted fringe-have wide usages

Summary: Twisted fringe is especially beautiful and it is not difficult to make. It can be great decoration to your items. You can choose the materials you like to make it. It just takes you few minutes. Next, please make it with us.


Step1: Start to slide beads.

1st, weave a wire down to a bottom edge bead.

2nd, slide 16 beads to the wire.

Step2: Make a twisted fringe.

1st, skip the last bead and pass the wire back through the next bead. Slide 14 beads onto the wire.

2nd, twist the wire by rolling it, and the beads start to twist around each other.

3rd, continue rolling the wire and the beads will twist around each other more tightly.

4th, continue rolling the wire until the beads twist too tightly to go on twisting.

Step3: Make other twisted fringes.

1st, pass the wire up through the next bead in the bottom edge of the beadwork.

2nd, pass the wire down through the next bead.

3rd, pull the wire tightly.

4th, repeat step 2 until you get your desired amount of twisted fringe.

Step4: Weave the wire back through the beadwork until you reach the edge.

Step5: Cut off the wire.

Done! Twisted fringe is very beautiful. And the making process is very easy and interesting.

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