Leaf fringe1 - hanging vivid leaf

Summary: This leaf fringe adds splendor to any beadwork and jewelry design. Please follow our steps to learn this technique.


Step 1: Pass your wire through the side of a section of beadwork where you would like the leaf fringe to start.

Step 2: Slide beads onto the wire to form a leaf.

1st, slide the desired lenght of beads onto the wire;

2nd, pass the wire back through the before-last bead strung on the wire;

3rd, strain the wire tightly;

4th, slide desired amount of beads to form the other half of the leaf.

Step 3: Insert the wire back into the middle and through the beads to complete the leaf pattern.

Step 4: Make other leaf fringes.

1st, pass the wire back through the original beadwork near the edge, exiting at the next bead;

2nd, repeat step2;

3rd, continue repeating step2 until you get the desired amount of leaf fringe;

4th, weave the wire back through the beadwork until you reach the edge.

Step 5: Trim the extra wire with scissors.

Use this technique to decorate any bead stitch or even to create a pendant. We hope you enjoy this tutorial and create your own leaf fringe.

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