How to Make Seed Bead Jewelry; Arm Yourself with Glass Seed Beads Earrings

Summary: This is an easy-to-learn tutorial on how to make seed bead jewelry; I add many clear pictures for the glass seed beads earrings project, and describe each step with simple and understandable words.

Most of glass seed beads are used to pendants for cellphone decoration, earring and necklace charms. Furthermore, many glass seed beads tutorials require few tools and techniques, but beading diagrams often complicate the whole tutorials. This time, I demonstrate the simple diagram for how to make seed bead jewelry.

The things you need to prepare:

4mm red glass seed beads

6mm green bicone beads

6mm yellow abacus beads

Jump rings

Ear hooks

Tiger tail wire

Wire cuter

Round nose plier

The instructions about how to make seed bead jewelry:

Step 1: prepare for your beading

Snip long enough tiger tail wire as beading wire, make all needed beads at hand, and then read the seed beads diagram;

Step 2: make the glass seed beads pendant

First, thread 1 green bicone, 3 red beads, 3 red and 1 green in turn and cross both ends though the first green bicone, tighten the two ends;

Second, thread 3 red on each end, and back each end through the corresponding red seed bead adjoining to the first green bicone, and continue through the first newly added red bead; tighten the wire;

Third, add 2 yellow beads onto each end, then cross both ends through 1 green bicone; tighten the wire;

Fourth, slide 2 red onto each end and both ends through another red seed bead;

Make a final knot and cut off the excess wire; so the glass seed beads pendant is done;


Step 3: complete the glass seed beads earrings

Attach ear hook to your pendant by jump ring; and make the other one.

So far, our tutorial about how to make seed bead jewelry is over! There is one tip for this pair of seed bead earrings: hold the top bead secure before making final knot, or the top bead will lean to one side rather than stay at the center.

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