Crafts jewelry making- DIY beaded bracelet with 4 stand braiding

Summary: This tutorial aims at informing you a fancy craft jewelry making idea, that is, diy beaded bracelet with antique silver-colored tube beads and lime green 4 strand braiding.

It is a relaxation to stroll out of house in the morning searching inspiration from the nature; later the realization of those craft jewelry making ideas would be the most exciting thing to do; such as this time, when getting a whiff of being inspired, we get to work out this diy beaded bracelet.

Materials and tools:

Tibetan style beads tube 

Pandora metal beads

Lime green nylon thread



Step 1: make ladder stitch with Tibetan beads

1st, snip 4 pieces of thread each measuring about 80m;

2nd, leave about 12cm tail at top and make an overhand knot below;

3rd, start to make ladder stitch with Tibetan beads.

Step 2: do 4 strand braiding to finish off the bracelet

1st, when ladder stitch gets to be long enough to wrap around wrist, stop to cross both ends through a Pandora metal bead;

2nd, with left group, do 4 strand braiding 6-8cm;

3rd, repeat to do with right group, knot ends and cut off excess tails.

The final product will be like this:

So the project of diy beaded bracelet is done! Devotion to craft jewelry making is a kind of great inner momentum for us to discover and create amounts of inspiration projects, so are your supports.

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