How to make pearl earrings- black and white charms in weichi

Summary: It is a free tutorial about how to make pearl earrings; I will show you an easy way to make a pair of weichi pattern earrings with simple black and white pearl beads.

The other day I watched some programs about weichi games; later, an inspiration struck me and I decided to create a pair of unique earrings which can demonstrate the certain characteristics and temperaments of people who love to play weichi and study weichi. So if you are also interested in black and white pieces, why not learn from us how to make pearl earrings in weichi pattern.

The materials and tools you need:

3mm glass pearl beads in white and black colors

8mm black acrylic beads

Jump rings

Eye pins

Ear hooks

Tiger tail wire

Wire cutter

Round nose plier

The instructions about how to make pearl earrings in weichi pattern are:
Step 1: prepare the wire
Cut about one piece of 12 cm tiger tail wire and two pieces of 8 cm wire; pick 28 black beads and 16 white beads at hand, and then read the diagram.
Step 2: make the weichi pattern pendant
First, thread onto the longer wire 5 black beads, back one end through the first black bead and tighten the wire;
Second, add one white bead onto each end, and cross both ends through another white bead; then tighten the wire; continue in this way to make alternate pattern in black and white.
Third, nip one end of a shorter wire, and thread it through 2 new black beads and the left white bead at 4th position; then cross both ends through a new white bead, and tighten the wire;
Fourth, repeat the above step and handle the right side;
Step 3: finish the weichi pattern earrings
First, thread acrylic bead onto eye pin and loop the rest part, so the acrylic unit is done;
Second, attach acrylic unit with weichi pattern pendant by jump rings;
Third, make ear hook on;

So far, the tutorial about how to make pearl earrings is finished! There are two types of weichi pattern for your choice in step 1; and the basic beading technique is not changed. You are completely capable to make out the charming black and white pearl earrings.

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