Flat Square stitch-strong and useful

Summary: Flat Square stitch is very strong. You can make intricate jewelry through this stitch.


Step1: Slide a bead onto a wire.

Step2: Pass the wire through the bead and get around the half circle of it, and then thread the wire back from the bead.

Step3: Slide several beads onto the wire.

Step4: Slide a bead and make it on the parallel line with the blow row, pass through the last bead of the first row. Then go back through the top bead. And strain the wire.

Step5: Slide a bead onto the wire and pass through the next bead in the previous row. Then pull the wire out and make the wire go back through the top bead. Strain the wire.

Step6: Continue to repeat step4, step5 until it gets your desired length.

I believe you have already mastered this stitch. Hope you can use it in jewelry making.

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