How to make daisy chain

Summary: Here is a brief introduction of how to make daisy chain; let’s follow with our guidance and learn this easy beading technique!


Step1. Fasten the wire rope to the lobster clasp by making fast knots.


Step2. Slide three blue beads, four pink beads and an orange bead on the rope in sequence. 

Step3. Grasp the rope and thread it back through the first pink bead. 

Step4. Tight the rope and then string two pink beads on it.

Step5. Hold the end of the wire rope and cross it through the fourth pink bead.

Step6. Tense the rope and repeat the step from 2-5 to make the pattern until it is long enough. 

Step7. Tie the rope on a ring and make half hitch

Step8. Snip off the excess rope.

Step9. At last, you can add some glue to fix it.

Done! You can use this technique to make more beautiful and creative jewelries.

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