How to make spiral chain

Summary: Making a chain is not difficult. Now you will get a chain if you follow our instructions.


Step1. Fasten the wire rope around the loop of the lobster clasp.

Step2. Slide four blue beads and three pink beads on the rope.

Step3. Bend the rope and make the two different color beads on parallel lines

Step4. Thread the end of wire rope through the four blue beads and tight it. 

Step5. String a blue bead and three pink beads on the rope in order.

Step6. Thread the wire through the upper four blue beads and strain the rope. 

Step7. Repeat the steps to make patterns until it reaches at your ideal length.

Step8. Attach the rope to the jumpring and tie knots.

Step9. At last, cut off the excess part.

So the spiral chain has been finished! Do you want to make one?

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