Super easy jewelry making idea-inspired single pearl necklace

Summary: It’s an easy-to-follow and easy-to-practice jewelry making project. Via utilizing one of the common wire wrap techniques you will finish the adorable caged single pearl necklace with a few minutes.

The design options for a piece of single pearl necklace may range from the feminine ribbon to cool chains as well as the versatile aluminum wire. So, as the softness and durability of aluminum wire, it is definitely the favorite material in my wire wrapping items. In this jewelry making I will just show you the actually easy way to work a cage for your single pearl pendant.  

Supplies needed in single pearl necklace:

Pearl Bead

1mm Aluminum Wire



Side Cutting Plier

Round Nose Plier

Flat Nose Plier

Detailed jewelry making processes:

Step1: wrap the cage for your pearl

1. Take a proper long aluminum wire;

2. Curve up the right half portion. Stop when the largest circle reaches the circumference of your selected pearl bead;

3. Bend the left half part in an opposite direction;

4. Fold the finished “S” shape;

5. Clamp the two tips and pull outwards slightly. When get a primary cage shape, stop to fill in the pearl bead;

6. Place your bead into the cage;

7. Close the cage and adjust the coils evenly.

Step2: add on the chain

While finish making the pearl pendant, you may complement a chain part for an entire necklace. For my piece, I only choose a chain strand that allow to put on and off easily. 

Cut the chain, slide on the pearl bead pendant and then connect the two links on ends for a complete loop.

Tada, you’ve already made your single pearl necklace done!

In fact, there is nothing more elegant than a pearl bead accessory on you. While it is recommended as symbol of noble and state, you do really cannot miss this jewelry making project.

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