How to make beaded rings- shining crystal ring

Summary: It is a kind of beautiful crystal ring; even if you are a green hand in jewelry making, you can finish it within simpler steps and less time than you can expect; right now I will show this valuable tutorial bout how to make beaded rings.

In our how to make beaded rings tutorial, the important point is that you should have the acute sense of color matching; the beading technique is not the obstacle for this jewelry making; actually, if you are making right collocation, you will get very decent beauty of this crystal ring.


The materials and tools you will use in the crystal ring

10mm red round faceted bead

8mm red abacus bead

6mm black bicone beads

6mm rhinestone beads

4mm white bicone beads

4mm black seed beads

0.30mm tiger tail wire

Wire cutter

Steps about how to make beaded rings:
1. Make one half of the crystal ring’s center
First, snip 15 cm length of wire, and slide red round bead to center;
Second, add to each end one white bead, one black bicone and one rhinestone bead in turn;
Third, cross both ends through a red abacus bead;
2. Make the base part of crystal ring
First, add one white bicone to each end and cross both ends through a black bicone;
Second, add one black seed bead to each end and thread both ends through one black bicone;
Third, continue beading black bicone on till the length meets your requirement and then repeat the first process;
3. Finish the crystal ring
Repeat step 1 in reverse order; finally cross both ends through the red round bead;
Trim off the excess bead, and hide the wire thrum into beads;
Here the tutorial about how to make beaded rings is completed and the pretty crystal ring is created by yourself. Based on the related beading technique, you can make more gorgeous crystal rings.

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