Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry- A Piece of Black Pearl Necklace

Summary: Make a bold, amusing handcrafted beaded jewelry using this step-by-step tutorial. In this post, within just a few minutes, you are admitted to finish the black pearl necklace with easy processe

Always wondered to make your own individual handcrafted beaded jewelry? Try this black pearl necklace which can be done with extremely economical materials and easy steps. I’ve seen it in most boutiques and all priced a little high so I whip up this project. Keep reading and learn the how-to.

Materials needed for black pearl necklace:

8mm black bead





Lobster Claw Clasp

Side Cutting Plier

Flat Nose Plier

Round Nose Plier

Instructions for the handcrafted beaded jewelry:

Step1: make the basic beaded components

Slide the black bead onto eyepin and headpin respectively. Among the project, the necessary amount of the two parts is 27 groups and 9 groups.

Step2: assemble each two of the components

Group the separate elements into 18 pairs as picture shows.

Step3: hook onto the chain

1. Prepare a proper strand of chain, the length may depend on the circumference of your neck and the place where you wanna it locates;

2. Connect the starting and ending links on chain and determine the center of it. Next, attach a component consists of two eyepin elements to the two links at central location;

3. Toward left and right sides, attach one same beaded component to the adjacent fifth links;

4. Once finished, hook on the rest beaded groups as danglers for your necklace. Share the 9 links on same chain segment.

After the above processes, you’ve completed the focal beaded portion for your black pearl necklace.

Step4: add on the clasp

Lift the finished part up, and find the two links where the clasp should be. Attach a jumpring on both sides and then add on the clasp alternatively.

Volia! Here you made it!

Maybe it doesn’t look as perfect as you image, yet, it will absolutely vote all the doubts when you wear it around your neck. Been shown as just a sample handcrafted beaded jewelry here, you can actually replace any stuff used in the black pearl necklace with things you prefer. Hope you enjoy here. 

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