Spiral Head Pin

Summary: Spiral head pin may usually be used in many jewelries, but it especially most used in earring making. Here, you just need a pair of plier; your own spiral head pin will be easily made by yourself.


Step1. Start with a round nose plier clamping the end of a piece of wire.

Step2. Loop the end by rotating the plier.

Step3. Go on spinning the plier until it form a whole ring.

Step4. Clip it flat and level with your flat nose plier.

Step5. Roll the other end of the wire revolving around the ring that we have done with the help of your hand 

Step6.keep on rotating until it snips around three times

Step7.Clamp the base of the spiral with the flat nose plier.

Step8.Draw the spiral back tightly 

Step9.. So your spiral head pin has been created.

Hope you can use it in the process of making earrings. It will make your earrings prettier.

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