String beads with knot-easy and beautiful

Summary: we often use beads and wires while making jewelry. And stringing beads with knot can decorate your jewelry and fasten your beads.


Step1: Prepare four nylon threads and tie them together with a secure knot and the two threads in the middle are holding end, the others on the both sides are working end.

Step2: Cross the left working end over the two holding end. 

Step3: Cross the right working end over the left one and slip it through the circle under the left thread.

Step4: Cross the left working end over the two middle holding ends.

Step5: Repeat the step3.

Step6: Strain the threads on the two sides.

Step7: Slide a bead onto the two middle threads.

Step8: Repeat the above steps until you think it’s long enough. 



Done! Please begin to practice if you like.

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