How to start-way1

Summary: Things are always hardest at the beginning. We all want to have a good start when we make jewelries. Now, we tell you how to make a good and easy start.


Step1: Thread a nylon wire through the circle of a lobster claw clasp.

Step2: Grasp the two ends of the nylon wire and thread them together through a crimp bead.

Step3: Position the crimp bead under the lobster claw clasp.

Step4: Clip the crimp bead slightly with flat nose plier.

Step5: Continue clipping tight until it can’t slip on the nylon wire.

Step6: Use two flat nose pliers to bend the crimp bead towards the middle of it.

Step7: Clip the two ends of the crimp bead together with flat nose plier.

Step8: So we have finished the start of your jewelry.

The starts of jewelries have been made yet, and then twice as much can be accomplished with half the efforts.

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