Wire jewelry DIY - how to make rings in butterfly pattern

Summary: This tutorial is going to demonstrate you a way about how to make rings in butterfly pattern; in this tutorial, you will find wire jewelry diy is really a fancy thing to do.

Our tutorial of how to make rings in butterfly pattern proves to result in attractive form without any exaggeration; during this wire jewelry diy, we display all the relating details, ranging from specific materials to clear step picture.

Materials and tools:

1.5mm pink aluminum wire

Round nose plier

Flat nose plier

Wire cutter

Marker pen (or any ring mandrel)


Step 1: make a heart pattern at one end

1st, snip a length of 30-35cm alum wire;

2nd, form a P shape with round nose plier;

3rd, at the top position of P, counter-clockwise wrap a tiny loop;

4th, shape a heart pattern and coil the rest wire below heart.

Step 2: make another heart at other end

1st, pick a piece of thread and measure the circumference of finger;

2nd, decide the length you should leave for ring base;

3rd, make another heart in opposite direction.

Step 3: finish the butterfly ring

Wrap wire around marker pen and shape out the full ring.

The finished work will look like this:

Tada, our how to make rings tutorial is done. During this wire jewelry diy, different colors, sizes and even diversified butterfly patterns can be experimented and applied into this sort of jewelry making.

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