Do it yourself crafts- Field of flowers in Spring Bracelet

Summary: A perfect adornment worthy of upcoming warm weather is this spring flowers bracelet; in his tutorial of do it yourself crafts, we tell you how to make bracelets full of dainty blossoms.

You love the smell of spring and enjoy watching flowers grow after a long, cold winter? You always wanted to adorn yourself with the wonderful and pure magic of spring and blossoms; then this do it yourself crafts tutorial will show you how to make bracelets- ever-blooming bracelets.


1. Flat nose plier

2. Round nose plier

3. Side cutting plier  


1. 18,5cm iron mother-son chain

2. 12x7mm brass lobster claw clasp

3. Iron jump rings 

4. Alloy fancy pins

5. Alloy fancy pins, bronze color

6. Brass ball head pins 

7~8. 12mm orange&lightblue transparent frosted acrylic beads

9~12. 14mm yellow, lightpurple,orange&cyan transparent frosted acrylic beads 

13~14. 10mm pink&purple transparent frosted acrylic beads  

15. 10mm light blue transpatent frosted acrylic beads 

16~17. 13mm orange&yellow transparent frosted acrylic beads

18~19. 10mm green&pink transparent frosted acrylic beads  

20~22. 12mm lightblue,yellow&orange transpatent frosted acrylic beads  

23~24. 10mm orange&pink transparent frosted acrylic beads  

25~26. 17.5mm green&yellow transpatent frosted acrylic beads 


Step 1: prepare acrylic flowers and leaves

1st, pick a head pin, slide acrylic bead on and make a simple loop;

Prepare all the acrylic flower units as per below combination:

No.4 head pins with No. 9,10,11,12 acrylic beads

No.5 head pins with No.13,14,16,17,18 and 19 acrylic beads

No.6 head pins with No.7,8,15,20,21,22,23 and 24 acrylic beads

2nd, pick 1 acrylic leaf bead, and thread it through a jump ring; repeat to prepare sufficient acrylic leaves.

Step 2: attach flowers and leaves to chain

1st, snip a piece of chain measuring the length of your wrist size;

2nd, attach acrylic flowers and leaves to chain links as picture shows;

Step 3: add clasp to finish off this bracelet

Attach lobster claw to one end of chain, a jump ring to the other end.

Well, congratulations, you are done with your refreshing field of flowers bracelet. I hope you enjoyed do it yourself crafts and those little flowers would make you smile every time you look at them. Additionally while making bracelets, be sure that your bracelets are filled very well with flowers in the middle and gets slim at the ends. 

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