Easy jewelry making ideas- wire wrapped initial necklaces

Summary: Our tutorials are always aiming at inspiring you some funny and easy jewelry making ideas, so does this wire wrapped initial necklaces one. The initial of your name can be applied into a splendid jewelry piece.

For crafting fans, time is probably limited, but creativity is not, and should never be constrained; In this tutorial, we will introduce the easy jewelry making ideas- initial necklaces; such kind belonging to name necklaces group, can be utilized to present at friends and parents’ birthday gifts.

Materials and tools: 

1.5mm black aluminum wire

1.5mm silvery chain

Jump rings

Round nose plier

Flat nose plier

Wire cutter


Step 1: wire wrap initial 

1st, decide what initial pattern you will make; here my name is Amber, I am supposed to do “A”;

2nd, snip a long piece of wire, wrap a loop at center and then fold left arm into 180 degrees;

3rd, slightly press down the fold and bend the rest into right at the angle of 90 degrees;

4th, continue to wrap the two arms one round;

5th, secure end by wrapping left arm once;

6th, trim off excess wire and tuck the sharp end;

7th, slightly bend the right arm and wrap a loop at end;

8th, cut off excess wire and tuck the sharp end; so the initial A is done.

Step 2: complete the initial necklace

1st, snip a piece of chain measuring your neck size;

2nd attach chain to the loops of initial pendant.

The final piece is like this:

Now the tutorial of initial necklace is finalized; as you can see, the wire wrapped initial, name or even word pendant necklaces are really easy jewelry making ideas; however, if you want your wirework to be much spiffy and pretty, you’d better practice more in next project.

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