How to make your own beads for a quite personalized tribal necklace

Summary: Learn how to make your own beads is the best way to create your own personalized jewelry! In today’s project is an adorable idea for making a unique tribal necklace out of the beads you create by yourself.

Learn about how to make your own beads out of variety of beads and wire can help make sense to hold your own type and style, especially in the individual tribal necklace. In the native tribal culture, each jewelry ornament may vary from tribe to tribe, the bones, teeth or anything in nature can be part of tribal jewelry. The custom remained quite long period even after decades. In this tutorial, I will show you a tribal necklace simply out the beads you made by you own. Let’s just start now. 

Materials for a complete tribal necklace:

12/0 Glass Seed Bead

8/0 Glass Seed Bead

Turquoise Drop Synthetic Turquoise Bead

Metal European Bead

Spacer bead

Bronze Moon Alloy Links



Cord end

Rubber Cord

Tiger tail wire

How to make your own beads and the tribal necklace?

Step1: how to make your own bead A

1. Prepare 120cm long tiger tail wire and make a loop with four pieces of 12/0 Glass Seed Beads;

2. Repeat the above loop for 7 times;

3. Replace the beads in center line with 8/0 Glass Seed Beads; next make another line as the first line; 

4. Sew the beginning and last seed beads by adding the 8/0 Glass Seed Beads;

5. Repeat the above processes for another bead.

Step2: how to make your own bead B

In accordance with what you done for bead A, adjust the beads used as the picture show.

Step3: arrange the beads on rubber cord

Prepare a rubber cord strand based on your neck size and find the center location on the rubber cord. Next, thread the bead A, bead B and the decorative Metal European Beads in turns.

Step4: ending work of the tribal necklace

Part1: add on a Bronze Moon Alloy Link besides the central Metal European Bead by using two Jumprings; additionally, embellish the link with three Turquoise Drop Synthetic Turquoise Beads;

Part2: glue the cord ends onto two cord tips and at meanwhile hook on the clasp findings.

See it? Are you about to shop such kind stylish tribal necklace in boutique yet? Why not just try all by yourself? No matter for you own or give others as gifts, these gadgets can be not only fabulous but also meaningful as well. If so, our pandahall will constantly provide you projects like today’s how to make your own beads freely for your reference. Just enjoy yourself here. 

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