How to make wire earrings to adorn every beautiful day

Summary: I will demonstrate you a pair of spiral wire earrings, and explain how to make wire earrings with all details for you. Easy-to-follow and easy-to-handle!

Geometry is an interesting subject, I guess, some of you may have the similar thought as I do; when it comes to geometry, I will think of various funny figures, some of which are mysterious, leading people into exploration; even the people who detest mathematics, are probably enchanted by geometric figures sometimes; this time, your time is worth spending in learning how to make wire earrings, as the spiral wire earrings are definitely charming.

Things need how to make wire earrings:

6mm Bicone Glass Bead

12/0 seed bead

Steel wire


Earring hook

Side Cutting Plier

Wire-cutter Plier

Round Nose Plier 

How to make wire earrings?

Step1: preparation for the wire earring

Snip a section of steel wire and loop its one end with Round Nose Plier. Next, add on one 6mm Bicone Glass Bead. Any color can be ok!

Step2: make the spiral portion of wire earring 

String certain 12/0 seed beads onto the wire, you can adjust the amount according to the loop you desire, usually for a standard wire earring, 40~50 pieces are enough. 

Next, pass the extra wire part through the looped end and fix the loop position by squeezing it with Wire-cutter Plier. 

Thirdly, fill the excess wire with more 12/0 seed beads.

Fourthly, when get an ideal length, trim the extra wire and loop the end as before. Remember leave some extra parts to keep seed beads in place.

Finally, prepare rest embellishment pieces for the wire earring out of Bicone Glass Beads groups and eyepins.

Step3: attach on the adornments

As the picture shows, hook on the well-prepared pieces to form one and half spiral circles. 

Step4: complete the wire earring

Add on the earring hook and you will get the project finished!

Tips: During the operating procedures for such wire earring, do pay extreme attention to avoid your hands from being scratched by the steel wire. Furthermore, feel free to change the shape of your earring, drop, normal round or any others by arranging the positions of adornment pieces. Hope you can enjoy my project on how to make wire earrings today! Have nice day.

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