Diy jewelry necklace ideas for women out of various sizes of jumprings

Summary: The jumprings assembled with wire can be made into a simple chain, or further contribute more intricate pattern in chain-mail diy jewelry. However, in this post I will show you another usage via the necklace ideas for women.

The jumpring necklace is a dramatic and elegant piece among numerous diy jewelry crafts. Be differed with the intricate chain-mail jewelry, the post today will show you a totally distinctive way to make use of jumprings in necklace ideas for women. Read on to learn more details about the project.

Supplies need in diy jewelry necklace:


Pearl bead

Crimp bead



Tiger tail wire

Flat Nose Plier

Side Cutting Plier

Round Nose Plier

How to make diy jewelry necklace?

Step1: construct the focal portion

1. Pick out 3 types jumpring of different sizes;

2. Cut a 30cm long tiger tail wire, find the center location and affix it on a medium-sized jumpring with one crimp bead;

3. Add on the combination of medium-sized jumprings, large-sized ones and then medium-sized ones again. Make the pattern symmetrical;

4. String one crimp bead then close the part by one medium-sized jumpring by threading the wire back through the crimp bead. Squeeze it.

Step2: make two short connective part

1. Take another string of tiger tail wire, attach to the jumpring on end by crimp bead in same way;

2. Slide on certain number of small-sized jumprings;

3. Attach the wire to last link of chain by crimp bead in same way at step1;

4. Do repeat same processes to the other side. And this is almost entire necklace ideas for women.

Step3: design the decorative pearl components

Take your pearl beads and headpins to make the danglers as picture show.

Step4: hang on the danglers

Hook the pearl elements onto the lager-sized jumprings at center location.

There you have it now!

Not just fun, right? Blending jumprings for a diy jewelry necklace, I assure you will love it and would like to practice it. Whatever, the diy things, especially the diy bracelets, earrings and necklace ideas for women are always endless and boundless. Just devote in and enjoy yourself.   

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