Wire Bracelets DIY-A Personalized Jewelry for Mothers

Summary: Make a great craft project to help remind you of the impressive and engraved Mother’s Day. The wire bracelets diy items may be one most versatile and personalized jewelry for mothers.

People always send gifts when there is something worthy being engraved and commemorated. So, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, we should continue the tradition as usual. In this post, I create a quite special personalized jewelry for mothers as its usage of different sorts of soft wire. Keep reading and learn more details about today’s wire bracelets diy project.

Supplies needed in wire bracelets diy:

10mm Faceted-round Glass Bead

8mm Abacus Glass Bead

S-hook Clasp

2mm Aluminum wire

0.5mm Brass Wire


Flat Nose Plier

Round Nose Plier

Side-cutting Plier

Instructions on the personalized jewelry for mothers:

Step1: loop out the frame

1. Cut a certain long strand of 2mm aluminum wire. Reserve about 5cm long at one end, and then form your first loop around the cylindrical stick in clock-wise direction;

2. Take the loop off the stick;

3. Hold the tail and form more adjacent loops in same directions;

4. Measure your wrist circumference and determine the loop portion about 5cm less than it. 

Step2: wrap on the central focal beads

1. Prepare another fairly long strip of 0.5mm brass wire, and then affix the beginning at the first link by several coils;

2. Slide on one 10mm bead;

3. Secure the bead in place by another turns of wire;

4. Keep going until finish each loop;

5. Leave another 5cm long at end and remove excess tail;

6. Curve the strand into a circle around something similar to human wrist size;

7. Take it off the assistive tool and this is your semi-finished wire bracelet.

Step3: adorn the blank on edges

1. Take another strip of 0.5mm brass wire and wrap the two edges on your bracelet. 

Each time came across the blank fill it with an 8mm abacus bead;

2. Do repeat the same processes for another side;

3. When both sides are done, you will gain the below vision.

Step4: design a natural closure for the wire bracelets diy project

1. Back to the remaining 5cm wire at both ends, loop either of them and wrap the tails around its neck;

2. To the other one, before looping the wire you should slide on the clasp.

3. Pack your personalized jewelry for mothers and make her a huge surprise.

Thus far, the entire wire bracelets diy processes may be ceased here. However, as a personalized jewelry for mothers, you can certainly replace the decorative beads in this post with somewhat significant objects such as the meaningful birthstone of family. Mom will love receiving this gift from her children so much. 

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