Unique Jewelry for Mom- DIY Dainty Rose Rings out of Gauges of Wires

Summary: If you are planning on designing a unique jewelry for mom, I may recommend this project about how to diy dainty rings out of different gauges of wire only. It does actually look easy enough!

A unique jewelry for mom celebrates her love for children and usually it typically features the birthstone of each of her babies. However, in this post, I may show you another design for the diy dainty rings. It made use of strands of soft wire and the only thing you need to do is rotate them in consistent direction.  

Supplies needed in diy dainty rings:

0.5mm Brass Wire (or other size ones)

Cylindrical Stick

Side Cutting Plier

Flat Nose Plier


Instructions on the unique jewelry for mom:

Step1: Prepare three strands of the wire, each about 20cm long. The length may determine the size of decorative “rose” on upon your ring;

Step2: Wrap both three strands around the stick once;

Step3: Rotate the two wire ends in clock-wire direction. Pull them as tautly as you can;

Step4: Keep rotating the two ends in same direction;

Step5: Stop until the focal “rose” reaches your desire pattern;

Step6: Take the ring off the stick;

Step7: Wrap the excess wire tails to hold the ring blank coils together;

Step8: Do the same process on the other side;

Step9: Try with other gauge of wire you want!

Did the diy dainty rings spark more thoughts about unique jewelry for mom? Whether an item adorned with birthstone or include someone’s name, the handcrafts can definitely embody the unspeakable emotions and feelings deep in heart. 

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