Personalized mommy necklaces- unique necklaces in hearts garland pattern

Summary: The tutorial of personalized mommy necklaces is going to show you how to create this sort of unique necklaces in hearts-linked garland pattern.

Actually this kind of personalized mommy necklaces is inspired by another sort of unique necklaces in currently-popular triangle pattern; with heart links to replace, we get the new piece which is rather suitable to be mothers day jewelry gift.

Materials and tools:

Golden heart links

1.5mm Golden alum wire

6mm light cyan ribbon

Round nose plier

Flat nose plier

Wire cutter


Step 1: prepare golden rings

1st, wrap alum wire around round nose as many times as you need;

2nd, cut off the coiling with wire cutter and get golden rings.

Step 2: get heart links connected 

1st, connect two heart links by a golden ring;

2nd, repeat to get the 7-links garland.

Step 3: complete the heart garland necklace

1st, snip two pieces of ribbon each measuring 30-40cm;

2nd, fold them in half respectively and tie lark head knots over links at both ends.

The final look is like this:

Tada, the unique necklace in heart garland pattern is done! If you want your personalized mommy necklaces to be much indie-pop style, we suggest you do with tender-colored ribbon as we show in this tutorial, while if you just want one full of maturity and charming, silver chain is a good replacement. 

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