Mother's Day Necklace- Create Wire Wrapped Cross Necklaces for Women

Summary: Our wire wrapped cross necklaces for women are just excellent mother s day necklace gift idea; Here we share this fabulous project for immediate reference when preparing this sort of mother s day necklace.

Cross necklace for women are commonly seen when wandering through a variety of jewelry stores; many of them are glamorous with glittering pearls and crystals, teeming with exquisite femininity which might be an appropriate gift for moms; but now we found a nicer mother s day necklace in wire wrapped cross pattern, which possess a unisex beauty and grace.

Materials and tools:

1mm golden chain

1.5mm orange red aluminum wire

0.3mm red copper wire

0.3mm tiger tail wire

10mm purple acrylic beads

10mm dark purple abacus glass beads

6mm white glass pearl

Round nose plier

Wire cutter


Step 1: make the center charm for wire cross 

1st, snip a piece of tiger tail wire and slide 3 acrylic beads on;

2nd, at right end add the glass pearl; back the end through adjoining acrylic bead;

3rd, similarly thread left end through this pearl and back through the left acrylic bead;

4th, add the last acrylic bead to left end and tie a double knots with right end.

The finished center charm is done.

Step 2: construct wire cross

1st, snip 4 pieces of alum wire each measuring about 16cm;

2nd, shape one end into spiral pattern, thread it through one side bead of the center charm;

3rd, wrap the other end; repeat to make the rest.

Step 3: weave with copper 

1st, snip a long piece of copper wire;

2nd, secure one end onto wire wrapped cross end, add abacus bead and start to weave;

3rd, do zigzag weaving between parallel alum wire; repeat to finish the rest.

Step 4: complete this cross necklace

1st, snip a piece of chain long enough to wear;

2nd, attach both ends to one side of the cross pendant.

Now the tutorial of this mother s day necklace is finished! The handcrafted cross necklaces for women are great gift to celebrate, besides mother’s day, any important baptism and religious event. 

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