How to Make Jewelry with Beads and Wire-A Beaded Ring for Your Index Finger

Summary: Tips for how to make jewelry with beads and wire to compose a delicate ornament for your index finger, elegant and simple; all you need in the beaded ring are a 12mm gemstone bead and several glass beads.

Beads on your fingers, just as same as those around the neck or dangle beside the ears, all are certainly necessary for a fashion lady. With a little assistance, you will own an attractive beaded ring by learning how to make jewelry with beads and wire basically. It is a great chance for beginners to develop basic handcraft skills and demonstrate their individuality.

Materials needed in the beaded ring:

4mm Bicone Swarovski Crystal Bead

8/0 Glass Seed Bead

12mm gemstone bead

Tiger tail wire

Side Cutting Plier

How to make jewelry with beads and wire?

Step1: assemble the 12mm bead with 4mm Swarovski beads

1. Snip a 120cm long wire and string three of the 4mm Swarovski Crystal beads to center position; then pass both ends through the 12mm gemstone bead;

2. Add one 4mm Swarovski Crystal bead on each wire firstly; and then cross through another one;

3. Hold on either of the wire tips and thread five 4mm Swarovski Crystal beads on, and then feed it through the adjoining Swarovski Crystal bead to make two tips be exactly symmetrical; 

4. Each wire string two 4mm Swarovski Crystal beads and then cross through another one.

During the above processes for beaded ring, make sure you have pull all wire tightly.

Step2: keep the central bead of beaded ring in place

Take up two wire tips and add on one 4mm Swarovski Crystal Bead and three 8/0 seed beads respectively; 

Secondly, cross both tips through the central 12mm bead;

Finally, add on three 8/0 seed beads and one 4mm Swarovski Crystal Bead on each wire and then cross two tips through the opposite central Swarovski Crystal Bead.

Step3: make the final chain portion with seed beads and wire

Pick up both tips in the semi-finished beaded ring and start to make the connected loops out of three 8/0 seed beads according to the instructions showcase. In the end, simple hide the wire tips in the beads by weaving them randomly comply with fundamental beading methods. 

There you have finished this beaded ring right now! Have you figure out the knacks for how to make jewelry with beads and wire? To be frank, there is, nothing special, except proper color collocation, advisable adopt of beads Material and size, suitable ease of learning, etc. well, all in all, good luck .

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Aug 12, 2014 at 02:14 PM Jami Fitzgerald

This tutorial is so complicated! You really should break the steps down further and simplify your wording...maybe take a tutorial on how to write tutorials! What a shame, I do like your design...